Velg en side


If the earth is a living being

If the earth is a living being
Rejoice in her lovely song

Take home her humility
Spread wide her gifts

Wipe her grit
With your eyelash

Just like she
Lets you step on her grass

Shield her buds
Of loving kindness

Hold her fists
In a balanced stride

Let her dewdrops
Touch all souls

If the earth is a living being
Listen to her breath

Let her open
Let her close

Say yes to her multitude
Her grief and her grace

Let your arms open wide
And hug her from within

If the earth is a living being
Know yourself to be her heart


What if?

What if Now
is all there is?
In which direction
would I move?

With nothing to plan
and no deeds undone,
how would I spend
my time?

What if Now
is all there is?
Am I burdened
or relieved?

A total standstill
A bottomless void
All nows not faced;
not played

What if Now
is all there is?

How rich;
the texture of Being
How lush;
the river of Life

In this;
my first lucid moment;
tears trickle down my face

The instant I taste
the depth of Now,
I know what it’s like
to die


Listen beyond

Now –
Listen beyond:

All that is seen
All that is sensed
Is not what I am in essence


When looking at the mountain
Judging it to be a distance away
From where I am
Do not accept this measure as real


When reflecting on that which appears inside
Comparing what is seen
To what is believed
Never conclude


And in listening
In accepting
That all seen and sensed
Is but a loving want
Of confirmation
Of the image and the mirror

Now –

Listen beyond:


To not be a wound

To not be a wound
is all-encompassing;
It is all-consuming

To not be a wound
is dark and heavy;
a drag, a debt

To not be a wound
is terribly quiet;
a terror, a truce

To be a wound

is a deathly stench;
It is raw and ruthless

Please do not cover me
Please keep looking
Please let me be

The space; the air,
the touch; the stare,
is how I,

through me,

will heal